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No Exit
by jean Paul-Sartre

Love's production of No Exit, produced by the University of Northern Colorado Office of Undergraduate Research, was their final production at UNCo. It shocked audiences who were ushered into a enclosed black box in which most of the patrons were asked to bring pillows to make their seating on the floor more comfortable, with chairs around the walls of the room for accessible seating. Love used red tape on the floor to divide the small black box into sections in which the audience would sit and look up at the action before them. No Exit aimed for just the right mixture between existentialism and absurdism, making the audience feel as if they were right there in the room with Cradeau, Estelle, and Inez as they too are experiencing Hell.

 No Exit was open October 7th and 8th 2022 in Frasier Hall, Room 0005.

Conception to Closing: July '22 - October '22

Below you will find a Gallery, Reel, Poster, & Program, for No Exit.

Program & Poster

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